Guest Blogger: Mi Favoritas

All year long we are having guest bloggers regale us with stories of 10 years of Schad. Today, Josh K. goes over some of his favorite b-side stage bits.

Having seen most every Schadenfreude show over the past ten years, I’ve decided to give a quick rundown of my own personal favorites in a series of posts. Now, like the latest Oasis record, this series is not meant as a “Best of” compilation, but rather a brief snapshot into a vast and overpowering arsenal of solid “B” work. Hey… we all know that for every “Wonderwall” there has to be a “Magic Pie” (if you catch my drift). But by maintaining solid “I Hope I Think I Know” work over the past ten years, Schadenfreude has built up quite a catalogue of memorable and lovable “hits.”

Shit, it’s really just the U2 formula – have three good songs on each record and in twenty fucking years you can have enough decent material to put out a double disc… then a “live” double disc… then a movie soundtrack… then a ‘best of’ B-sides bullshit with new single… then someone records a tribute record… then a re-release of the past ten records with outtakes… then a collaborative iTunes-only single … then an IMAX movie… God, write some new material already.

To kick off the series, I’ll start with an easy one: my favorite characters (in no particular order).

Christopher Kris: “Hello, hello, hello…” Kris makes me laugh on paper, on stage and on radio. Plus, his tagline is priceless.

Justin’s “Hippie”: Having grown up in the same household, I can safely say he nails it! The Hippie is a glimpse into our Wonder Lake block parties circa 1984.

Scruffy McMuffin: A rare Schadenfreude character solely based on costume – a nice change up from the norm.

Phie Phie Renault: One word, versatility. Foreign accent, soaring voice, hilarious songs. Kate can do it all!

Richard Marx: “No, it don’t mean nothin’”

Todd Voorhies: Come on! He works for Duraflame.

Danny Fine: Such a brilliant character b/c you can put him in any scene and he’s still fucking clueless. Yet, at the same time, he’s very “real” and isn’t far off from a lot of actors I’ve met.

Sandy’s Grandma: Stupid.

Kate’s Floyd Collins singer Kat McKennit: A lot of funny bits throughout the whole sketch, but Kate steals the show!

Adam’s Republican from the Micah sketch: So many great lines, “three card dogs in the bathtub”… “Billary Clinton”… “Well, nanoo nanoo.”

Stephe: He perseveres… even with diabetes.