Ellen Wants Us to Help.

So I saw a little nugget in Gapers today saying that Ellen Degeneres is coming to Chicago to do her show on May 3rd. That’s opposite a Schad Rent Party, so we probably won’t be able to perform. But she is asking for Chicagoans to submit some of their favorite places to go while she is town for an undoubtedly hilarious segment where she goes to them and puts shit on her head. So thoughts? Can we give her some ideas? Gapers said right now it’s all bullshit like “Cheesecake Factory”. I would take her to Ronnie Woo-Woo’s house. I would also tell her to stop by Johnny’s in Roscoe Village. She has to buzz to get in and wait for Johnny to come from downstairs. The beer taps are all gone cause the bar isn’t usually open but she can sit and watch TV with Johnny and let him make racist remarks. And then she can put something on her head.