National New Anchors

What’s up with national news anchors (CNN, CNBC, etc.) acting like they’re my best friend while delivering the news?? And I’m not talking about the opinion/infotainment shows like Larry King, Keith Oberman, Chris Matthews — I’m talking about the “news” portion of the “news” channels. Stop leaning over the desk and trying to reach out of the TV to give me the facts. Stop giving your personal opinion of the story in the form of shaking your head, sighing, sounding snarky. I think it all started with Aaron Brown and 9/11. The poor guy was on the screen for something like 30 hours straight and so he took off his tie, he talked about how worried he was, in short, he “broke it down” — which is fine because we all thought we were in a bad Will Smith movie. But 7 years later, I don’t need Rick Sanchez (who? that guy in the picture, that’s who) sitting all lop-sided, pointing into the camera and “gettin’ real” with me regarding the Mormon compound raid this past weekend. Sit up straight, act impartial and tell me the story.