Douche of the Day: Hypocrites

I know, I know – no shit. I’m probably not opening any eyes with this one. I’m sure none of us are all that enamored of Hypocrites, but this caught my eye and when stuck for a douche, Karl Rove always seems to be nearby. Karl recently did an interview with GQ in which he presented Al Gore…no wait, John Kerry…no…not him either, oh right, Barack Obama as an “elitist” in contrast to the “regular Joe” running for the other party, sounds familiarly fake. Ah yes, Bush, the regular guy from a billion dollar oil family that ran the government for 12 years…just like my neighbor Brent. All that usual bullshit aside, here’s the rocksolid evidence that Barack will be an awful President.

KR: There are Democrats, particularly blue-collar Democrats, who defect to McCain because they see McCain as a patriotic figure and they see Obama as an elitist who’s looking down his nose at ’em. Which he is. That comment where he said, you know, “After 9/11, I didn’t wear a flag lapel pin because true patriotism consists of speaking out on the issues, not wearing a flag lapel pin”? Well, to a lot of ordinary people, putting that flag lapel pin on is true patriotism. It’s a statement of their patriotic love of the country. And for him to sit there and dismiss it as he did—

GQ: You’re not wearing a flag pin, Karl.
KR: Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. But I respect those who consciously get up in the morning and put a flag lapel pin on.

Talking points on autopilot much, hypocrite? Sounds like Barack is being a pretty straight-talker, too bad the trademark on that reputation is owned by someone else. Of course we know why Barack will be a bad President, be prepared for Fox and all the little weirdos of talk radio to constantly berate Barack for not fixing the Republicans messes in quick enough time. It won’t be framed like that, but that will be the argument for 4 straight years and the evidence of why NotGay McNoAbortion should be President in 2012.