Can You Tell I’m Addicted to TV?

Battlestar GalacticaThat seems to be all I’m talking about recently. I think it’s because I’m amazed by how wonderfully awesome it can be, and, conversely, how terribly painful it can be. One network can greenlight two shows in the same season that are polar opposites, ones that everyone in the room when having the meeting have to look each other in the eye and say, “We’re gonna greenlight this, and it’s gonna make us money.” And NOT bust up laughing? (ahem. My Dad is Better Than Your Dad, I’m looking at you).

So it’s not a secret I’m a fan of SciFi – and specifically Battlestar Galactica. It’s a great show that just happens to take place in space. And have a bunch of hot chicks. Seriously hot chicks. My favorite? Grace Park. So, I’m not gonna site and extol the values of why this show is so great. Instead, I’m gonna extol on Grace Park, and give you a gallery after the jump. So come on, fire up those FTL drives – and click on.

Oh yeah – it premieres tonight on SciFi – the 4th and Final season…