Have TV/Movies Already Peaked?

Wild StallynsSo, on the heels of the announcement of a Knight Rider reboot (beyond the TV Movie), today I read about a remake of “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” Really? Should I really go down the list of remakes – most of which have died in the fires of mediocrity and simplified lame-ness? Bioinc Woman, also by NBC, was put to death, as well was Sci-Fi’s reinvention of Flash Gordon (didn’t even know that one existed, did you? Lucky you.). Less than 5 years after the Incredible Hulk came to the big screen, they are already remaking that one, to be released this summer. Also, in the past few years, we have seen imports from other countries making it here – The Office, Coupling, Kitchen Nightmares and, sadly, American Idol.

So what’s up writers? Granted, through all that muck you get a brilliant show like Battlestar Galactica – a more than decent remake that is not so much sci-fi as it is good drama. And the original shows that are coming out, Dexter, Weeds, Lost, are all super fun. The big question is – Are there other ‘good’ shows out there that just aren’t getting greenlit? Or, are several bad reboots the price we have to pay to get the one good one?