Un-Douching the Douche: The New Sprint

dan.jpgIn all fairness, I’m un-douching Sprint’s original douche. Kate saw an ad where the new Sprint CEO Dan Hesse says that you can have unlimited everything for $99. I called to make the switch, shockingly found-out that there’s a lot of fine print (for example, I can get the unlimited plan but it costs me about $100 to make the switch), and actually got the person on the phone to admit that it wasn’t a good deal and that the promotion sucks. So I wrote a generally nice yet strongly-worded email to Dan at dan [at] sprint [dot] com (his email is on the ad) and said Welcome to Sprint, Dan, but the brainstorm you had in the car isn’t working like it did in your dream, and got an IMMEDIATE personal phone call back from a real person who explained exactly why the new unlimited plan wouldn’t benefit me. Cool. I then got a detailed, personal follow-up email from this same person after going through my plan and all of the other Sprint plans (no way this was boilerplate with the spelling mistakes, etc. — unless that’s the new way companies sneak-in boilerplate letters — Not so dumb!) with a breakdown of other plans and why I should stick with mine. Douche for the advertisement and 30 minutes on the phone, Un-Douche for the massive personal follow-up.