PBR Tour Updates!

Hey all, just letting you know about some of the updates for the upcoming “Schad Rent Party“. As you probably know by now, we are going back on the circuit, doing a 6 week tour of Chicago neighborhood dive bars, sponsored by Pabst. We have booked 6 great line-ups at 5 different bars and we aren’t done yet. There are still some big names unannounced. THIS JUST IN: We booked stand-up Hannibal Burress for the Red Line Tap on May 3rd. Hannibal is a whirlwind. He books and books and books. Some might say he is the most successful stand-up in Chicago. And after a good amount of begging/pleading/bribing, he’s in for the Red Line Tap. I wonder if Curt still works there? Oh man, this will be fun.