Now THAT is some viral marketing

Check this out. This has been going on for months, I kept meaning to post about the other viral challenges created by the fine folks at Batman: The Dark Knight, but this April Fools challenge was way cool. They set up a fake travel agency website and had an envelope that said April 1st, on April 1st it opened and have the listings of thirty different places around the world. In each one of those place a bag was left in a locker, in the bag was a bowling ball and a cell phone, you call the number etched in the bowling ball and it leads you to this site and gives you clues for the sign on code. You sign on, enter your phone number, they call you, you say the code word and get a message from Jim Gordon, which at the end of the message turns out to be the Joker. That’s a lot of work, but they’re turning everyone into Batman detectives. How cool! Currently they’re having people take pictures of themselves campaigning for Harvey Dent, the District Attorney in the movie, essentially turning the world into Gotham City. Top notch.