Gmail is now Cheatmail

I’ve been a Gmail user since the very beginning, thanks to an early heads-up from Stephen. Just this week, I sold an old spare computer battery on Craig’s List using my old “97Rules_JunoSux@hotmail” account, it occurred to me that Hotmail is so incredibly slow and archaic compared to Gmail that it doesn’t even warrant a rant. But then this morning I noticed that Gmail has YET ANOTHER awesome feature — you can actually BACKSTAMP your emails so it looks like you sent that all-important email before 5 pm! Who’s ever heard of that? Maybe hackers have been doing this for centuries, maybe I’m just old fashioned, but backstamping emails? Marking emails as “read” ?? Wow! I’m gonna email my old boss at the International Association of Assessing Officers and say I quit before he has the chance to fire me (I asked to resign instead, forfeiting unemployment insurance so that I could go through life never having been technically fired –> full disclosure: I was fired for being late one morning, and this guy was clinically nuts and was later canned). I was also fired from Structure. Just kidding. I quit Structure as well. But The Buckle? They CANNED my ass. Just kidding. I never worked at The Buckle, my brother worked at The Buckle in the River Hills Mall in Mankato, MN and I’m sure he still has a great name there and that The Buckle organization would be glad to have him back at any time to help face basics and move some of their existing acid-cargo-pocketed-denim, Kid ‘N Play cardigan sweater and wicker belt inventory.