Crains Ain’t Got Nothin on Ted..

Our one prank for April Fools Day was to try and get in Crains Chicago Business’s “Info-Junkie” column. It is a column that runs on the back page of the awesome business paper profiling big CEOs and money makers in Chicago. They ask what they read, what they eat, etc. So we wrote one for them featuring our fake CEO Ted Dinerbanski of Dinerbanski & Ross. I guess they didn’t like it.

Ted Dinerbanski (53) is the President and CEO of Dinerbanski & Ross, Chicago’s tax, audit and accounting solutions company. They have been serving the windy city’s tax, audit and accounting solution needs for over 200 years. D&R also owns shipping lanes, the town of Lisle, its own military and the exclusive rights to Thai Food.

Here’s how Ted stays connected:

Each morning, he has the Financial Times read to him in bed by his assistant. During breakfast, he sits down and writes a new chapter for his best selling book “See You at the Finish Line: How to Get Rich…Or At Least Stay That Way”. “It’s a great way for me to stay on top of the business world. I write a chapter and release a new version to the publisher. We are now on our 156th pressing.”

Ted loves the web site “It’s a great site. And you can’t look at it unless you are worth over $1.5 million. It’s got Scrabulous on it.”

Cover to Cover: Cigar Aficionado, Crain’s and of course, “I like to watch others laugh, because I physically can’t.”

Favorite pastime: Buying major league baseball teams, eating endangered baby Pandas and hosting Jay-Z listening parties. “I pay Jay-Z to come rap at all my annual meetings. It keeps things fresh.”

Ted’s favorite possession: The original “Batsuit”, worn by Michael Keaton. “I wish I was batman. I wouldn’t care so much for fighting crime, but the money-making opportunities would be endless.”