Bad Sock Choice.

Do you ever have those old pairs of socks that you always forget to throw out? I have a couple pairs that I put on, and they go on ok, but then, about 1/3 of the way into work, they start falling because the elastic near the top is going bad – and I can’t really afford the time to go back to change them, so I’m stuck with crappy socks for the rest of the day. ALWAYS during the day, I swear to myself, “I’m going to get rid of these socks as soon as I get home.” But then stuff happens, and through the course of the day, I just start ignoring the socks. And then, by the time I’m going to bed, I’ve totally forgotten how much I hate the socks, and throw them in the hamper – only to begin the cycle again.

Do you think it would be possible to just have a street sock salesman? I mean, socks are something that most people would change in a heartbeat if given the option, right? Fresh socks are ALWAYS a good thing, and it would allow me to get rid of crappy socks when I think of it.