Hulu? Yes. Hulu.

I, for one, am always looking for fun video to watch while “pretending” to do work. Come on. Everyone reading this right now is in the exact same boat I am. Don’t lie. Now, last week, I was busted by my boss for watching video when I was supposed to be doing some SEO report. He started out angry – but when I told him I was watching the pilot episode of “The A-Team” – his attitude changed. REALLY changed. He sat down, and we had a bonding moment. It was like one of those out of “The Wonder Years” – complete with cheesy music and voiceover in my head talking about how, once boss-employee, we were now brothers, brought together by shared memories of our youth, igniting the fire of yesteryear that the dull blade of “age” had… YAWN.

The point is – go visit – it’s like YouTube – except no worries about having to rush to catch a full episode of Family Guy, The A-Team – or any one of a hundred other shows. It’s put out by the content providers themselves, and they are free.

You don’t even need an account. And for your viewing pleasure – I give you Part 1 of the pilot episode of “The A-Team.”