Guest Blog: Should I Be Offended?

Welcome Josh K, our Schadenguest blogger! He has been hired on to tell some stories of 10 years of living with Schadenfreude. But before we begin – Josh is hoping that the reader can help him out with a sticky social situation. Then he’ll get to the stories of when Witt passed out at that party…

So, my girlfriend and I are moving into a new apartment in May. And aside from the “adult” bullshit of collecting boxes, hiring movers and updating bank accounts, etc. I’ve got to figure out how to come up with cash to a) buy boxes b) hire movers and c) cover the security deposit along with first month’s rent. I think the whole process is weird because I can remember a day when I would wake up around 7 a.m. on moving day; pack my stuff; load a truck; travel; unload the truck and then unpack at my new place in about 12 hours total. And my place would stay the exact same way for two to three years! Boom. Done. But nowadays, there HAS to be a mover (like my fucking Sega needs to be handled by a professional) and the whole process takes about six months from planning through execution. But those aren’t my biggest complaints this time around I guess…

Long story short… the place we’re moving into is owned by a relative of my girlfriend. It’s a nice enough apartment and it’s a ton more space, but the thing that grinds my gears is the owner wants a security deposit. What the fuck? You know who we are. We went to your son’s wedding – in the Bahamas. We were at your house on Thanksgiving. Where are we gonna go? Do you really think we’re gonna trash the place and disappear?

I understand asking for a security deposit if a) you’re a huge corporation and you use the deposits to invest and gain interest or b) you’re renting to strangers and you’ve got to cover your ass. But in this case neither rationale really applies.

I don’t know. I’m a little bitter and I can’t tell if I’m crazy or if I’m making a valid point. Thoughts?