Are TV Shows on DVD Exposing the Holes of TV?

TV on DVDSo we all went through this writer’s strike. Writers want more money, yadda-yadda-yadda. I get it, I support it. But while talking with Justin the other day, who only watches shows on DVD – he pointed out a lot of flaws in one of my on again-off again love affair TV Shows – Lost.

Personally, I love the show – even through all the twists and turns, and one would think that given a week (or longer) between episodes, you would pay attention to deficiencies within the show. Apparently, I get so wrapped up in the “bigger questions” from week to week, that the little ones squeak by without even an eyebrow raised. Stupid me? I guess I take partial blame for that one. But now, I’m beginning to notice it on TV Shows I watch on DVD. Currently, Weeds and Dexter. See some things I might’ve let slide if I’d been watching week after week and not day after day.

Now the big question is, am I a lazy watcher, or are there lazy writers, OR is TV on DVD a bad thing? Thoughts?