Douche of the Day: Celebrity Chefs

rachael-ray-5-3-07.jpgI finally turned the tv on last night for fifteen minutes. I think WKU lost, I blame their mascot. But also I saw an ad that assumed I loved what they were pushing. I think it went something like –  “Since you love this awesome thing, you’re going to love this awesome thing.” It was a commercial that assumed I could not wait to find out what this person was up to next, and that person was a celebrity chef. That’s douchey right? I must’ve been asleep during the rise of the celebrity chef, but evidently there’s a heirarchy and some people are like, Patrick Duffy-level Chefs and then there’s Matt Damon-level chefs. That’s douchey. This celebrity thing is out of control, I didn’t know we had room for this many celebritites. Who’s a bigger celebrity, Robert DeNiro, or Steven Baldwin? Sure I know your answer, but it should be “Who the fuck is Steven Baldwin?” So anyway this celebrity chef was doing something somewhere, I think he was cooking, and it was awesome and I should tune in (the moral of all commercials).