Guest-Blogger: Josh K!


For our 10th anniversary year, we’ve asked those closest to us to help tell our story. In this case, why not Justin’s brother Josh. He’s been there. For the remainder of the year, Josh will tell his objective side of some of Schad’s most notorious stories. Take it away Josh!

Who am I and why am I qualified to be a Schadenfreude guest blogger? Well, if you can give the back story on the following “bits,” then you too can have your own post.

Suicide Blonde. Uncle T.J. Bolger’s passport. Ed Bus tumbler. Weez. The Filling Station. Fitchburg State. Fuck You Cell Phone. “Put mum on…” Blaque Coque Casino. The Bull Dog. Pudding party. The Tempest. The Gobbler. Shakers. Lewis Schaffer. Keith Hernandez. Frankenstein’s. Chill Walking. Ron Kahn. Braveheart. Gusset typing. “I’ve gotta have more time!” Gayle and Christiana.

I’m the guy you see at most Schadenfreude shows; but you’re not sure exactly who I am. I either arrive with the group, or leave with the group. I sit alone in the audience during run throughs and/or sound check. I’m usually pissy because I have to a) monitor pudding-cleansing stations b) hand out flyers c) mop up blood or d) stock the fridge for the after party. Tommy taught me how to laugh…and I’ve probably hit on you. Yep, I’m Schadenfreude’s fifth Beatle.

In many ways I feel I represent the average reader:
– I don’t like theatre.
– I don’t have time to watch a series of short films at work (or get caught).
– I care about politics, but mostly tune out when Justin starts ranting about some South Side Aldermanic race.
– I sometimes feel like they’re making fun of me (I play bags. I watch LOST. I like the Cubs. Reischauer is actually my friend’s last name.)

And yet, we all continue visiting their page. As the group embarks on their new endeavor with WTTW, it’s fairly obvious they don’t have the time or the material to keep the blog fresh. Which is why I’ve offered my services.

So for the foreseeable future you may catch a fresh-ass post from me: a Schaden-sibling and a huge fan.