So I’m Starting an Experiment

theguys.jpgYesterday, I wrote something about bad comedy on the radio.  It involved hosts over on one of the satellite radio services.  Those hosts commented on the post, saying:

From the bottom of our hearts at the opie and anthony show, we truely hope u die from cancer you don’t know you have.

Now, if it wasn’t the said hosts, then wow – you listen to them waaaayyyy too much, because that’s a statement they would make. Personally, I’m kinda hoping it IS them – and here’s why I think it is. I’ve listened enough to know these 2 guys use “Google Alerts” – if you’re not familiar, Google Alerts allow you to enter in a couple of keywords, and every time there’s something published on the web (video, audio, post) that is tagged with those keywords gets sent to you with a snippet of text, and the link.

Now, if I were a struggling radio show who’s only claim to fame is getting kicked off radio in the first place – I’d want to see what people were saying about me. So – to see who I’m talking about – read the original post. I’m not putting their names, nor the name of the satellite service because I don’t know EXACTLY what the Google Alert might be – so I don’t want to tip them off.

From now on, I’m going to put something with their names in a post – just to see if I can get them back into the site. Honestly, I want them to call upon their “army of listeners” to come down, and tell me how wrong I am. I know it won’t happen – but still – a fun little experiment. The best part is, the Google Alert links right to the post page, so they will never know that I’m doing this experiment! It’s gonna fail – but I just want to tryyyyyy.