People Who Ask, “What?” and Then Answer Your Question.


Yes.  You could quite possible be the Douche of the Day.  I know, I know – you’re going to say, “Well, there’s sometimes a delay between what you hear, and your ability to process it.” – well then, don’t say anything until you are able to process it.  Don’t open your mouth until you’re ready to commit to whatever it is you are going to say.

And this includes cellphone conversations –  yeah yeah yeah – you might think you didn’t hear someone, and then you realize you did.  Silence is OK – especially if the silence spans the 2.7 seconds it took you to say, “What?”  Why does everyone feel that every spare moment has to be filled with some sort of words?  Let it sit, process, then respond.  Cool?  Act like an adult, not a petulant child who always has to be heard.