Bad Comedy or Commercials?

xm12_98pr-00562_300x375.jpgI just got a new car that has XM pre-installed.  Never interested in satellite radio prior to having someone give it to me free before.  It’s kinda like heroin.  That “First time’s free” theory.  I’m a talk radio whore.  I love listening to talk radio.   Right now, I’m on “Opie and Anthony”.  Not the greatest.  They bat at about .212.  Not hall of fame, but definitely worth watching, they may just knock one out of the park.Additionally, they have another channel, where it’s just bits of comedians.  Anywhere from 30 seconds to 4 minutes of stand up.  You get classic George Carlin, but then, you also get someone doing stand up from 1983, complaining about Max Headroom.  Again, hit or miss.So the question is – how much bad comedy can you stomach before you change the dial.  Keep in mind – I have like 200 channels I COULD surf to – but the content is even more questionable there.  If you saw a channel that was named “Lucy” – what kind of music would you expect to be on it?  You’d be wrong.  So I stick with my 2-3 comedy channels – and bounce around between them.  But which is worse – bad comedy or commercials?