A total lack of inexpensive and readily-available cell phone earbuds

1.jpgAs a regular violator of the “Don’t talk on the cell phone while driving” law in Chicago, I finally got pulled over. For some magical reason, I was given a verbal warning and went on my way. Never again, though, so the hunt for a cell phone earbud began, and guess what, it’s hard to find those old cheap earbuds. Most cell phone stores are upselling the Bluetooth, which makes sense, they’re more expensive, but what happened to those little $10 earbuds? The Sprint store carried one earbud and had ONE in stock and it was $30. Come on. These things cost a dollar to make and I’m already dropping nearly a hundo on the stupid monthly plan. Finally found one at OFFICE DEPOT of all places. Why? Is everyone going Bluetooth and I’m the douche for using an earbud? Much like Dunkin’ Donuts came and went and came back again, places like Office Depot and Radio Shack seem more utilitarian and relevant than ever.