Come See Us Do a TV Show.

46thumbnail1.jpgWe’re having a show!!!!! Come to WTTW studios next Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and watch a real-live television comedy show be acted out right in front of your eyes. We are doing a show called “IL-Informed” at WTTW studios (5400 N. St. Louis). We wrote the show and we are performing in it. The show also stars Second City celebs Ithamar Enriquez, Inda Craig-Galvan and is hosted by Joe Canale. The show is shooting during the day between 12-4pm. So call in sick and come be a part of the audience. You will be on TV because it’s a Schad show and we like to do bits with the audience. Right? Call 773-509-5494 or e-mail rtlguest [at] wttw [dot] com.