Douche of the day: Nihilists

biglebowski62.jpgAnyone reading this perform in Chicago Comedy? Just a couple, oh perfect. Then you’ve probably noticed a certain type of audience member, our friend Ed calls them the “folded arms brigade.” We always called them Nihilists. Those people who come to your show and and DARE you to make them laugh. Sometimes they’re just meatheads who can’t wait to be correct that you weren’t funny, I found them to usually be other people from the comedy scene who are in some new group that’s going to take Chicago/Earth by storm. Any veteran performers reading this? Anyone want a Canadian dime for every sketch group over the last fifteen years that was going to revolutionize comedy since their recent showcase went so awesome? I won’t name names, except our own. <br><br>Recently, a couple L.A./Chicago buddies and I have been going to stand-up shows. I used to hate stand-up as a sketch guy in Chicago, but L.A. doesn’t have any sketch scene to speak of, so I’ve become kind of interested in stand-up. There’s a real variety of venues and everyone in this town thinks they can do stand-up, so you get to meet everyone who lives in L.A. when you go to an open mic. So Schadenfriend Robert Buscemi is in town for a couple weeks and I got to catch him at an “Alt” venue. A lot of people ask me what the difference between an alt venue and a regular venue is. It’s the same as a regular venue except alt venues call “bombing” – “performing.” <br><br>So we’ve sat through an hour of people in Polyester putting on fake accents, juggling, telling bad jokes for the sake of art and shoving things up their asses and the guy comes out to introduce Robert and gives the most nihilist rousing intro. “Now, I hate standup, and usually we don’t book standup, but we like this guy so just bear with him.” Or something like that, all I heard was “fuck this guy, be sure not to laugh you judgemental fucks, Robert Buscemi!” So he comes out and the arms fold up because an interloper had been introduced to the secret society. I was a little pissed. Of course he bombs because nobody’s allowed to laugh lest they get the poison Kool-Aid. Nihilists, must be exhausting.