Fresh FM? Are You Serious?

wckg-1059.jpgI am on a never-ending quest to find music in the morning on the commute to work. I guess I’m the only one because morning radio loves to talk/sell.  I found that 105.9 is doing music, but it’s all soft rock.  They call it fresh music.  The fresh choice for soft rock.  Um, it’s really just a station that music from the Mix goes to die.  It’s a veritable graveyard of tunes from Ashlee Simpson, Pink, Vertical Horizon, and every American Idol contestant who has ever put out an album.  They play this commercial where they rip on other stations and then say they are the fresh alternative. Then they play Hootie and the Blowfish.  Seriously? Someone needs to hit the side of the computer that is programming this drivel.  Ah, the mighty WCKG. Reduced to the junk yard of mid-level soft rock.  For god’s sake Chicago radio, bring back “The Blaze”.