Douche of the Day: Change

q5.jpgChange is good, and change is not good. So I had this old T-Mobile phone, and this old T-Mobile account and this old T-Mobile price I paid for years for service that fit me perfectly. On the last trip to Chicago I forgot my charger and was left with the question: Invest $30 on a charger for a three-year-old phone or get a new phone. If I got a phone through T-Mobile, I’m two years away from getting my iPhone contract-wise. Stephe Schmidt, godbless him, hooked me up with a free smartphone, like going from the 1800’s to 2000 in an afternoon. The only catch, I’d have to be an AT&T member to use it. So I signed up, I’d have to sign up with them anyway if I wanted that iPhone someday. But this change made me nervous, there’s no way I was getting out of this with my good ol’ easy $60 a month. I signed up and in order to get what I had with T-Mobile and take advantage of the goodies on the phone, I found myself paying an extra $40 a month on paper. But “on paper” is never what you pay with cell phones is it? So I braced for the day I got my first bill. $175, and the signup fee wasn’t $75. So now, if I want to eat, I’m going to have to ask them to strip it of all the service and go down to half the minutes I had with T-Mobile for a decade and start being conscious of what time of day I call people. Change. What a bitch. The phone looks awesome though.