We Have a Winner!

obama-hillary.jpgYou don’t know what it was like to keep Adam from posting his suggestions for this caption. For once, this was about you guys strutting your stuff, and letting the world know you’re funny too! Thanks to all who entered – let’s run through the paces:

Third Prize is you’re fired – and that goes to: Big Red Mole: Desperation setting in, Sen. Clinton shocks America when she replies to a question about family values with her very animated version of The Aristocrats. Obama doesn’t get it.

Second Prize, a set of steak knives, goes to: phil r: “Yo! Beachball!! Pass it up!!!”

And First Prize – a Cadillac t-shirt – goes to…. johanna: So what if you need 2 hands to hold your testicles, B-man. I have to push my balls out of the way to see.

Hey johanna – stop by a Rent Party, announce yourself, and we’ll have your t-shirt waiting for you! Thanks for playing, we’ll get another one of these up Monday!