Season Cliffhangers.

6networks_douche.jpgJust tell me the story.  Wrap it up.  Why make me sit around for three months, sometimes even 6 or 9 months to get to the resolution?  I know the whole started with “who killed JR?” – but haven’t we grown since the 70s?  or 80s?  Whenever it was?  We now have the ability to CGI planes exploding, aliens invading and writers who go on strike because they don’t get paid enough – you would think we’ve deserved the right, as an audience, to watch a complete story arc.  But noooooo – everyone’s now gotta treat TV seasons like the never-ending Empire Strikes Back/Return of the Jedi – leaving heroes trapped in carbonite, fathers revealed, sisters unknown and other secrets that we need to wait through the summer (or longer) to find resolution to.  The problem is – there is such a gap, and there is so much television, that what I saw last season doesn’t stick with me.  I spend the first three episodes of any given season (ie. LOST) trying to remember the importance of what I’m watching right now.  So can any show, any drama, just limit itself to telling a story in a season?  Make the entire season a really long movie.  Try it.  I bet the people will tune in if you write it/direct it/act it right.