Patrick Swayze isn’t Dead (yet)

swayze.jpgSure, he’s got pancreatic cancer.  Sure, survival rate from that is in the single digits.  Sure, he sported a feathered haircut for most of his career.  But this is Patrick Swayze we’re talking about – No one puts baby in the corner!  I’m saddened enough that he didn’t have the opportunity to film Roadhouse 2Roadhouse is one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies.  Kelly Lynch?  Sam Elliot?  Sold.  That movie had just the right amount of brawling, drinking, boobs and sex scenes to make it a quintessential 80s movie.  It’s like Footloose, except with a bar and a blind guy playing rock and roll.  Not only that, but he did do Ghost.  So… There’s that.