What is a Camera’s First Shot?

dsc00001.JPGThis one is a little bit of geek – but good for a Google Image Search regardless (NSFW).  If you have a Kodak digital camera – when you insert a new memory card, the camera starts recording images as DSC00001.jpg – and naming them incrementally from there.  SO – if you type in DSC00001.jpg into Google, you can see what people are taking pictures of first.  Interestingly enough, most of them are boobs.  Seriously.  Boobs.  So only click the link if you can look at boobs safely, where your boss won’t see – ok?  I warned you.  Clicking the link, you put your own life in danger.  Don’t do it, your boss is a sneaky one – he’s got his quiet shoes on today, so the normal “tap tap” you would hear when he approaches isn’t there to warn you!!  Watch out!  Ok.  Fine.  I warned you.  Click the link.  See?  The boobs weren’t even that good.  You’d get better boobs if you just did a Google Image Search for boobs.  But anyway.  Moral of the story – rename your pics before uploading.