People who act all surprised when it’s me calling after they see my name on their Caller ID

man_phone_rural.jpgLet me be more specific: when I call someone, and they say “Hello?” And I say “Hey, it’s me” and they say “OH, Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!” That’s douchey. I understand certain professional circumstance require some to answer the phone by saying “WBEZ Request Line, this is Justin, what’s your vote — Richards or Page?” but if your default manner of answering the phone by acting all surprised that it’s me calling when you KNOW it’s me calling, I’m gonna call it out. I’ll say come on dude, you knew it was me, why take that five seconds and play that game? People are playing enough games in Washington. We need to get our community leaders together to solve some of these problems, so let’s quit this weird “Hello? Oh, hi!!!!” status game. Sidenote: I’m often the douche in the end, because I spend an extra fifteen seconds calling it out in the moment. From now on, I’ll just refer people to this post.