Is it Art if it isn’t Comfortable?

brassknucklechair.jpgI don’t get the whole “furniture is art” bullshit.  Sheila and I went couch shopping a few years back.  Sheila had a couple of requirements, I had a couple of requirements.  Her’s centered on the “it should fit the Mission-style decor of the Bungalow”.  Mine, stereotypically centered on “it should be comfortable enough for me to fall asleep on while you are watching ‘The Notebook'”.  Fortunately, we both won!  Yay us!  But you know somoene out there, either an emo kid who just graduated from college with daddy’s graduation check, or, the emo kid who graduated from college 25 years ago, has built a mega-corporation, and wants to be the kid he was back then – is buying this thing.  And all I ask is, are you SURE?