Gary Gygax

dungeonsanddragons.jpgFor those of you who had social lives in high school (and beyond) – you may not know who Gary Gygax was. To many of us, his name will forever be seen in white serif font on the cover of a “Dungeons & Dragons” book. Yup – he essentially invented an outlet for those of us who couldn’t get a date to escape, and not take it out on our fellow classmates in the form of diabolical terror. We’ll miss you Gary, here’s to hoping I get a +7 against the undead just in case you decide to come after me looking for royalties for the book I “borrowed” from the library 27 years ago, and still have no intention of returning.

Oh yes, he’s also responsible for that really crappy movie by the name “Dungeons & Dragons” that had one of the Wayans brothers in it. TRULY shitty movie. And I’ve seen it twice. But it’s still shitty. And I blame Gary. Hollywood is still trying to make money off his shit…