I don’t want to say that Barack Obama is exactly like Saddam Hussein

barack-obama-official-small.jpgBut he does have the same middle name as Saddam Hussein’s last name. Think about it. It might sound weird, but think about this, Uday and Qusay Hussein had the same last name as Saddam Hussein and they were a LOT like Saddam Hussein. Also my neighbor, Tom Bessemer has a strange fixation with smelting pig iron, which is so weird because he has the same last name as Henry Bessemer. I don’t want to get to far out here, but if someone could check and see if Kate James has EVER thought about robbing a dozen banks throughout Missouri with her brother. Because if she has, then I think the theory is solid and there is a high chance that once in office, Barack Hussein Obama will have free reign to have no ties to Al Qaeda and not be responsible for 9/11.