Hey Spam Robot, Be Cool?

Robot Sex Spam - SchadenfreudeWe’re running a little experiment over here at Schad HQ. We’ve turned off the requirement of needing an account to post comments. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to stop using your login if you’ve already created one, and that shouldn’t stop you from creating one if you want to… but, it’s no longer a requirement.

Back in the day, we got SLAMMED with robot-spam posts about Alyssa Milano being nude, V1AGRA tabs and horse porn. So we instituted a “you must be a real person to comment” system. We’re now doing some really complicated math, an experiment with Sodium and sacrificing a cute bunny to prove your human so you don’t have to. And we’re sending a plea to all the robot-spammers out there – BE COOL!

So comment away! And make sure it’s funny – every time you comment, a bunny loses it’s life.*

[*no real bunnies will be hurt in the posting of comments]