Big Ups to Mac

200px-macalester_rock.JPGThanks again to everyone who came out to our show at Macalester College Saturday night. It’s really an excuse to see some great people who we’ve befriended over the years. Yeah, I said befriended in a Schad post, jealous? We tried out some new material and some old material that we haven’t performed in a long while. So thanks to Fresh Concepts for bringing us up again. 8 years straight. Wow. It’s great to be a part of that tradition. We are now a legitimate college tradition. Like toga parties or dance-a-thons. Wait, did I date myself there? That’s the one thing that is tough about the shows – we are really, really old. And not in a creepy staring kind of way, but more in a “we wish we weren’t that old” kind. I still think of myself as 25. And that’s my problem. It’s time to recognize that I am 27 now. Society isn’t going to let me hang out with sophomores in the dorm much longer (or no longer). We aren’t skanky – we aren’t hitting on them or trying to get them to buy drugs, we are truly happy to be there and soak it all in. In the moment, I am just part of the scene. Until a bunch of people who didn’t see the show show up at the after-party and wonder aloud who let the townies in. But hey, I love that the Fresh Concepts/Mac crew tolerates our aging. Even if I don’t. And I love Macalester college. When we made a joke that referenced the bridge collapse? They didn’t kill us. Long live Mac! All right, enough of my bullshit – onto College of Dupage Wednesday!!!