Cleveland (not the city) to Get His Own Show!

Cleveland Brown - Schadenfreude.netI know there are Family Guy fans in the audience out there in Schaden(licious)land. IN fact, if you aren’t, shame on you. Get on that shit now. One of the funniest shows on TV. Period. Anywhoo – in their rush to get new shows that aren’t bad out on the air, FOX apparently has greenlit a new spin-off of Family Guy called… Cleveland. Starring everyone’s favorite black cartoon character voiced by a white guy who is constantly berated by his cuckolding wife. What makes it better is Seth McFarlane is in charge of the project. Don’t know about you, but I’m in.
In further news, to completely obliterate any good karma put out into the world based off of the Cleveland news – FOX is also creating a spin-off of Prison Break – set in a female prison. I guess women need to break their sister’s out of jail too… Oh well. Win some, lose some. Read the whole story here [additional reporting from TV Squad].