Stop -licious usage now! - SchadenfreudeHave you noticed that everytime you turnaround, there’s another -licious out there? It started out innocently enough with a “Booty-licious” here and a “Delicious” there. But now…. the CW has a show called, “Girlicious”. SoBe LifeWater (who, in and of themselves are douches) advertises their expensive water as “Thirstalicious”. Sandy came up to me last week and asked if we could change the header graphic to read “Schadenlicious”. No, Sandy, we can’t. Do a Google image search (NSFW) on -licious – and after all the porn shots of Lora Licious, you get the Cheetah girls album, “Cheetah-licious.” You get a Heinz ad for “Burger-licious.” You get a book by Colin Powell titled “State-licious. My Time as Secretary of State, Yo.” It’s becoming out of hand, and someone needs to put a stop to it. And if not a stop – slow it down – a LOT.