Blatant Gentrification?

lsc_election_logo.jpgThe school system is shutting down 19 schools based on bad performance. The parents are up in arms because this means their kids will be bused to different schools. Some schools were fixing problems, showing improvement. But the big battle-cry is that this is blatant gentrification because some are in hot neighborhoods and a recent study that said school closings go hand in hand with gentrification. So if you are in the business of yuppifying a neighborhood? Kill the school. It used to just be open a coffee shop. Or hippie candle store. or upgrade your aluminum siding. Get central air. kidnap the homeless guy with the dog and dump him in Gurnee. Now? Gentrification is so complicated. They are building an awesome solar-powered elementary school in my West Loop hood. It looks like it was built by Frank Gehry. It’s a block from his house. And there is no way Miles will ever go there.