Last Sunday’s Barbara Walters Special

icanhavecheeseball.jpgEven though waiting until a Wednesday to comment on a show that aired on a Sunday night is kinda douchey, I’m going for it anyway. If you caught last Sunday’s Barbara Walter’s special on ABC after the Oscars, it was the usual fare, and I did enjoy the Harrison Ford segment, but where was Tom Cruise? There is NO OTHER CELEBRITY who needs to go on Barbara Walters more than Tom Cruise. Nobody has had more of a bizarre public meltdown (save the obvious glam pop singers), and nobody would benefit more from a post-Oscars heart-to-heart. To the producers who couldn’t close that deal — what happened? You settled with the girl from Juno? Come on. I’ll give you Harrison Ford, but Vanessa Williams is a 20 year-old story. So where’s Tom Cruise? Where’s Ken Lay? Phil Spector? Kim Jong-il?