Jack Cafferty didn’t read my email

cafferty-gay-bigot.jpgEarlier tonight on Wolf Blitzer, Jack Cafferty was going on about how popular his blog has become, and that today 11,000 people emailed him with their thoughts on the campaign. I ran to the computer, found his email, and sent him the following message:

Subject: “Greetings in Real Time” —Hi Jack: Hopefully, this email marks your 11,001st email. Congrats on the red letter day! Dick Lugar in 08! Best, Sandy from Chicago.

Got this response:

We appreciate your sending us your comments, but next time you may want to try posting it directly on Jack’s new blog. It’s getting a huge response and it’s a great way to join the conversation.

Lame. Let’s start emailing Jack Cafferty with a call for Lugar to jump into the race. If your email gets on the air, I will ask Stephen if he’ll lend you his Blu-Ray copy of Problem Child 2. Email Jack at caffertyfile [at] cnn [dot] com. Go!