The Debate Rages On

Mac vs. PC - SchadenfreudeAnd not the Hillary/Obama debate. I’m talking about Mac vs. PC. I love it how everyone boils everything down to this diametrically opposed personification of who you are. Someone went so far as to break down Obama=Mac and Hillary=PC. I think McCain was a Commodre64 – but that’s beside the point. Adam, who uses Macs, recently came out and called Apple the Douche of the Day. I’ve personally been using Macs since college (Drake University provided every student with a Mac in the room, a printer, and an ancient IM/Email client. I don’t even remember what it was called, but it was the very early stages of IM Porn). I’ll continue to use Macs – I like them. Most people – driven by price. Sure, they’re more expensive. But you get what you pay for – Sandy’s returned three Dell laptops, and has yet to complain about his Macbook. Justin – well, Justin will use whatever you put in front of him. We had him think he could type up notes on a screenplay we were writing using a Leapfrog JR. – joke was on us when we wanted those notes. And Kate? Kate looks cute with a laptop at Starbucks. Any laptop. So what are you? Does it make a difference at all? Is it based on what you do? Are “creatives” more inclined to use Apple and “developers” PCs? What about writers? The apps everyone uses are for both – so which do you prefer? Are you just a bargain-hunting demon, looking for the cheapest laptop with the most features? And, if price weren’t a factor – what is your IDEAL dream computer (c’mon, everyone has one – that’s not just nerdspeak). Speak up!