Public Official A-Hole

blagojevich.jpgSo Governor Blagojevich is the named politician in the corruption case against Tony Rezko. If you haven’t been following, Tony Rezko is a guy who gives a ton of money to politicians in return for favors. He’s given to everyone, including Obama who ended up getting a sweet land deal out of it. But this one with Blago takes the cake. They were shaking down some Hollywood producer so he would give a million+ to Blago’s campaign. I don’t know what to say. Illinois is 2 steps away from electing some right-wing Governor to guarantee that there will be no more corruption. Attention preachers: now is your chance to hijack Illinois. Cause if this Gov goes down? After the last one went down? Illinois is about to become the laughingstock of the country (not to mention the most corrupt). Throw in Jack Ryan and the sex clubs, Daley and the non-stop scandals and the overall feeling about Chicago politics? How do you think that will affect Obama when the Republicans start making that connection?