Heeerreeee Come the Hawks!

blackhawks.jpgThe Miggghty Blacccckkhawwwks. Does anyone remember that song? I think it was written by Steve Dahl back in the day. So I was flipping through the channels and I stopped at the Blackhawks game. Yeah, hockey. In Chicago. Go figure. But man, the next few minutes I watched the Hawks score 5 goals. I don’t think I’ve seen 5 goals in my hockey-viewing history. The hawks are actually good. When people say hockey is dead in Chicago, what they really mean is that the Blackhawks suck. Screw the Bulls, the Blackhawks are back. And judging by the douches out front my building wanting to fight me because I asked them to move from in front of the door, the fans are too. So let’s get a group together, shall we? We’ll get our big red jerseys out of storage, go to the West Loop bars and get lit and then go to the UC and have some more and then wrestle each other on the way back to the Metra train, which we didn’t know was so far away.