duane_hanson_tourists_2.jpgOK, let me explain a bit. I just returned from a few days in Las Vegas and it is there that you truly see “America” on vacation. On the whole, if you take a look at us gathered on one strip of land, we are one fat, rude, loud, and incredibly bad dressed group of people. It wasn’t a British business man taunting the dealer with, “C’Mon Sal, if I wanted someone to take my money, I’d go hang out with my annoying wife.” And it wasn’t a dude from South America who said to the Asian-American dealer, “If you double my money, I love you long time!” Nope. It was Americans. Men to be exact. But let’s not ignore the ladies and the scores of penis paraphernalia I spotted within 48 hours. My favorite was the girl dragging around the 6 foot inflatable phallus. It got stuck on the escalator and she and 2 of her friends toppled on top of it. Double down! (And by the way, I would love, just once, to see a bachelor party of guys carrying around huge inflatable vagina… but I digress).