You Pothole.

pothole.jpgNPR said Friday that there were a quarter of a million potholes right now. I am not writing this douche of the day because there are potholes in Chicago. No, I’m writing it because on my route to work, there are 5 must-stop and carefully maneuver potholes and it’s been that way for more than a month. Now I believe the city is working on it, but exactly where? You mean the half-fill job on the Grand exit of Lake Shore Drive? Or the two double wides on the entrance ramp to Lower Wacker? Or the one on Madison Street that slows to a crawl? These are pretty high profile places. So exactly where are they being filled? My guess? They are not. But thanks for the tax hike on the real estate transfer and thanks for the sales tax increase. Didn’t Mayor Bilandic lose an election cause he screwed up streets/sans? Paging Daley? Could a reporter ask what the city’s strategy is?