It’s a Photo Album!

Chicago Improv Festival - Vegas! - SchadenfreudeSo check it. We’ve been working at trying to corral alllll of the photos we’ve been taking of us in crazy places doing crazy shit – and it’s hard. Seriously – we’re talking about getting the crap in the days BEFORE digital cameras. Remember those days? You don’t? Ask your mom to see photos of you when you were a kid. She’s either gonna A) pull out a large photo album with prints down behind some sort of plastic covering or B) show you the picture of the day you were born, the day you went to prom, the day you graduated, and the one from last week that she printed off your Facebook page. SO here goes – we’re gonna start with something simple – a retrospective of our posters for various shows. It starts… in 2001… hit the jump to see the gallery.

The Gallery of Posters ยป