How Many of You Watched the Oscars Last Night?

Oscars 2008 - Schadenfreude.netI was going to.  I mean, I remembered it was on.  But then, when it started… I just lost interest.  It was easier to hop online and see who won for stuff than it was to tune into the zillion montages.  By the by – have they done the “Montage of Montages During the Awards” yet?  They should.  In fact, they should do a montage of acceptance speeches of THAT night… C’mon, there has to be SOMEONE who has some time during the show to capture and splice it all together.  I know they were planning on an Oscars without the writers… But did they need to show me all of them?  Heck, make a couple of them “web specials” or something…  This was supposed to be the big “Hollywood’s BACK!” kinda special.  *yawn*  I don’t care about the movies, I care about TV.  Make sure I don’t have to even CONSIDER an episode of “America’s Favorite StepMom”!  PS> Who are those people in the picture?!