How to annoy your fill in the blank

annoy-1.jpgCame across a fun website, Full of funny ways to annoy people. Nothing amuses me more than coming up with fun scenarios on how to annoy people, and in fact, at my very first job in Chicago, I created a workable door out of posterboard and boxes for my cubicle. It was cutting edge back in the mid-90’s. Now that I think of it, nothing amuses me MORE than watching siblings bicker. Being a sibling, and having had some classic arguments with my brother, I giggle just writing this. One time we really got into it on the floor at New York New York in Vegas. We should start a round robbin tournament for sibling bickering and charge tickets — “And he’s gonna fight Jeremyyyyyyy. Jeremy’s the older brother and he’s still pissed about Christmasssssss!”