Douche of the Day: Myspace

myspace.tiffI’m old enough to know shit about the internet that my parents don’t know, but too old to really care. We all just got on Facebook, which I had never gone to before because I’m no longer a freshman in college, but, as it turns out, I’m allowed to despite all that. I have no obsession with networking sites, I’m painfully aware when I’m wasting time and doubly aware when I haven’t seen There Will Be Blood yet. But the first thing that occurred to me when I went to Facebook was the same thing that occurred to me when I went to Google: Where’s all the bullshit? Just a search bar? Can they get away with not shoving Step Up 2¬†down my windpipe? Are they allowed to just be simple and ONLY provide the service they set out to? I guess so, though I do keep getting people sending me vegetables and wolfbites and if someone could explain either that’d be nice, but if not, I’ll live. I just realized how douchey Myspace is. How some stupid fucking song blares when you go to someone’s page or the retard mods people apply to their page that look like the image I have attached. Yeah, glad you modified yours, I’m still living in the stone age of black text on white. Or they apply some mod who’s flash interface requires more ram than computers will actually have until 2011, or somebody posts a 2,000,000 x 2,000,000 .jpg that makes the whole thing go out of whack. If you think your personality can be accurately reflected in the background on your page, you’re either painfully simple, or a douche as well.¬†