Using the Superbowl as a Reference

Superbowl Schadenfreude - Lame Business Guy ReferenceLet me ‘splain. Just this morning I’m sitting in a meeting, and without going into terribly boring details, someone asked if a request for an application was even possible. Sure, it was a difficult request, but the response should have been, “Sure Jim, I can’t confirm 100%, but we’ll do our best.” Instead, jackass said, “Hey, anything’s possible. The Giants won the Superbowl, right?” Come ON. The Giants winning the Superbowl is not the watershed moment of “the impossible becoming possible.” It’s not like the Patriots were sitting there with snipers in the balconies taking out Giants players – and the Giants still won. No. Nothing like that at all – besides, the game was 3 weeks ago. Or 2 weeks ago. Or maybe it was a month…. I don’t even remember. Doesn’t matter. A Superbowl reference like that has a limited shelf life. 2 days. The Monday RIGHT after, and then the following weekend of the Superbowl while the meatheads are hanging with their buddies and one of them is making a “bit” about DeVrisvosky hittin’ it with that chick at the bar who KINDA looks like Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct, only a little fatter. That’s the shelf life. This douche can suck it.